Outright Immorality

I realize that in our current society, things are pretty relaxed. Everyone outside organized religion, and alot of those inside of it figure it's okay to sleep with someone outside of marriage. In fact, a lot of them think it's a great way to end a date. And, this attitude has been going on now for almost 30 years. It has become more prevalent in the past 10, but it saddens me. it takes away sooo much of our moral fiber as a nation.

I watched a movie this past weekend which was why I had these thoughts. It was the American President with Michael Douglas. Now, the idea is cute, the actors work well together, and I think it could have been even more cute and even wonderful if the whole sex before marriage hadn't been tossed in.

And the main character, the president played by Michael Douglas, was a wimp and could have done so much more. He finally states his case at the end of the movie, and where for most people he was rallying the nation back together, to me it was a little too late. Especially on winning the girl back. But she still came.

In our church meetings yesterday we talked about integrity and honesty, something of which this country used to be famous for. Now, most people don't even think about it, unless someone else is honest with them. Then, they are surprised. Last summer we went to our state fair. The woman at the booth gave my husband too much change back. After being in the park for a while, he realized she had given him too much, and we stopped by her booth on the way out to return the money. She was flabergasted. She'd been so amazed that he would return it to her. My son works at a hamburger fast food chain, and one of the cash drawers came up over $200 short. No one has been fired yet...I couldn't believe it. He told me his drawer had been $57 short one day, but they also noted that he hadn't been the only one to use it, and he had been written up.

Honesty seems to be a disappearing trait. It's not being taught by the parents, it's not being encouraged in the schools, it's unheard up in most politicians. The word seems to go hand in hand with dishonesty.

It saddens me and makes me even more determined to teach my children a better way. Even if they end up being the minority, at least they will be honest in their dealings with others. They will always be trustworthy.

After all, isn't that the scout oath?


Jennifer said…
This is so true. Whenever I buy water at the grocery store, I stick one gallon on the conveyor belt and tell the cashier how many are in the cart. One time I told them there were five in the cart and they only rang up five total. I didn't realize I hadn't paid for all six until I was out at the car, looking over my receipt. The next time I bought water, I asked them to ring up an extra one since I hadn't been charged for one of them the last time I was in. The cashier looked at me like I'd just grown a horn out of my forehead! But she rang it up all the same.

I think it's more important to know I'm being honest than it is to get a free $.69 gallon of water. :)

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