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Hi! I happened to read one of my friend's blogs the other day and noticed she'd tagged me for another 'get to know you' thing. Good thing I check everyone's blog from time to time...LOL
Anyway, I've tagged some below. Just follow the directions and fill in the blanks and you'll be fine. Not that you've learned anything new from me this round...grin.

Remove the blog from the top, move all the blogs up one, and add yourself to the bottom.

The Lyon's Tale
Sundial in the Shade
A Writer's Ramblings
Musings from an LDS writing mom

What were you doing ten years ago? 1997 - well...My children had all been born, the youngest was going on two. We were thinking of moving - wanting to move to Lake Point, but it wasn't looking like it would happen. I was working part time at the Newspaper doing obituaries and data entry at home. Starting to think about writing again...

What were you doing one year ago? End of June 2006. We had just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary! Our twins were turning 19, and we were getting ready to go on a cruise with my in-laws the beginning of August. Man...I wish that was happening again...

Five snacks you enjoy: 1) sliced apples and cheese 2) chocolate 3) carrot sticks 4) bread and peanut butter 5) chocolate...

Five songs you know all the lyrics to: 1) Forever by Kenny Loggins 2) Everything I do, I do it for you, by Brian Adams 3) Oh My Father (Hymn) 4) Wish they all could be California Girls, by the Beach Boys 5) a lot of songs by Chicago...

Things you would do if you were a millionaire: 1) Pay off our house 2) Take my whole family on a cruise. 3) remodel our house 4) start my own publishing house 5) Set up a trust

Five bad habits: 1) reading (when I should be doing other things) 2) chocolate 3) Wasting time on the internet. 4) Reading (did I mention that already?) 5) Spending money.

Five things you like to do: 1) Read 2) Spend time with hubby/watch movies 3) paint 4) Travel - I wanted to be a travel agent, but it didn't work out. sigh. 5) cook

Things you will never wear again: 1) blue eyeshadow 2) high heels 3) leg warmers 4) nylons 5) hair spray

Five favorite toys: 1) My digital camera. 2) my mp3 player (and I was soooo against it) 3) my car 4) my George Foreman grill (oh yeah!) 5) DVD player...I love watching movies.

Where will you be in ten years? That's hard to say. Hopefully published writer - more illustrations, and have all my children out of the nest. (with hopefully 4 missionaries) Getting ready to sell the back half of our lot and hopefully doing good in the savings dept for retirement...LOL

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C. L. Beck said…
Wow, you tagged me? I love playing tag! Thanks.

And it was fun to learn all the things I didn't know about you.

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