125 Posts!

Wow. I can remember when I could count the number of blogs on one hand from both of my blogs. Today is blog number 125! It's amazing.

So...as I've read from other blogs, and as I've been in the outer world of blogsphere...I'm doing the counting thing. That's right, the 125 things you never knew and probably didn't ever want to know about me ;-).

I'm tempted to make this into four or five blogs, because personally, that's a LONG list and I don't want to put anyone to sleep or take up their whole morning -- the whole 5 of you that read me...lol.

So...today's 1st 25 things:

1. I was born in California. (I would never move back there, but I love to go visit sometimes)
2. I have two brothers that I love dearly, and 9 other siblings that I've adopted forever that I love just as much. (that's a long story)
3. I love chocolate (although, if you read my blog, you know that's not big surprise.) and have become quite the semi-sweet fan.
4. My parents were converts to the church, but sealed before I was born. (thanks mom and dad).
5. My parents died when I was 4 (mom)and 7 (dad).
6. I've been a foster child since I was 7.
7. I love to sing, but I can't anymore -- dang throat!
8. I never thought I'd have children...well, maybe ONE. sigh
9. I went to three different high schools.
10. I love tennis.
11. I love football!
12. I've been blogging since 2003. I used to have a blog at another site that used to be free, and then started charging. I used to write about our pizza store, and the different aspects of our business. I tried to drive business to our store that way, but blogging was still too new, and our customer base was not techi.
13. I'm a terrible housekeeper -- my hubby is fortunate if I keep him in clean socks.
14. I think the San Diego temple looks like a fairy castle -- I love it!
15. I love to read - I'll be posting a blog at LDS Writers Blogck next week on it.
16. I love to paint. I usually enter the state fair, although this year, I just did the county one. It's posted at my website, g.parker.net.
17. I think I have the best hubby in the world.

18. I served a mission to Oregon - which I think is gorgeous! My first book takes place there.
19. I'm basically lazy -- I have to make myself do things.
20. (sorry, this is a little down) I'm someone's best friend waiting to be found...seriously. I am a great friend, but I never seem to make friends around where I live. I have lots of acquaintances, and no real - in depth - friends. Only you who come read my blog and comment -- I feel closer to you than anyone around here. sigh. Well..except my hubby!! Did I mention I love him loads?
21. I've been married for 21 years!
22. It's a good thing I've split this up, I'm not sure I could come up with 125 things in one day...

I love roses, especially the two tone orange and yellow ones.
23. I like to get balloons for my bday. On my 40th, my hubby filled our family room with 40 balloons! It was the best! I love that scene in Patch Adams where he's filled his room with balloons and no one can see.

24. I also love daisies. I think they are just...simple and bright.
25. I'm going to learn how to insert pictures better, just wait!! I probably just have to find the right ones.
26. Okay, I'm cheating, but one more for today...I love to cook. I rarely use a recipe, which drives my family crazy.


Thanks for the first 26 in your 125 things. I've learned a little more about you and I really want to sit and read the stories you have at CTR Stores. Glad that I clicked on the link. Like someone told me, "it's never boring getting to know" someone new. :-)

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