Well...we've reached 'normality', I think... We have finally entered the world of braces. Our children have been lucky enough in one respect to get my straight teeth. A couple have inherited my hubbies anti-cavity teeth. But two of them have issues, and one of those has gotten braces today.

Poor kid.

This is not a socially active or caring teen, so he doesn't really care and they don't seem to hurt him today, so I guess we'll see. Anyone else entered this world of wires and monthly dental visits and payments? What a drag.

He tried to talk me out of taking him back to school, but I informed him that since he wasn't in pain, and he was failing the class that he had this afternoon, he was going. He didn't really talk to me for the rest of the ride. sigh. This is the same son that had another emotional breakdown last night while we were celebrating his little brother's bday. There are times I don't think having children are worth it.

And everyone told us that having boys were easier...they never had sons like mine.

We had our first snow of the season, and it looks so cool over the fall leaves on the mountains. I know it will melt soon, but it's gorgeous while it lasts.


Tristi Pinkston said…
I've heard those things are painful!
I had braces as a teenager. They hurt. Your son is lucky that he came through relatively unscathed. He must have a high tolerance for pain . . . or he's one of the lucky ones.

Hang in there with the boys. I hear once they hit adulthood they absolutely rock!
I've had braces and so did my husband ... and it looks like some of our kids will need them.... they hurt and it hurts to eat somedays ugh, oh I hope he continues to be pain free.
WHAT?! snow already? yuk (sorry, but snow and cold lasts waaaaaaaay too long 'round here, like Oct to May .. well at least March!)
Shellie said…
Oh, hooray. Your boy sounds like mine! You know, he might be uncomfortable and just not know why. Sometimes my kids can't seem to figure out or vocalize what's going on with their bodies, which may be why he was more prone to a meltdown. Teens are an emotional roller coaster at best anyways! Hang in there.

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