Garden Produce the phrase goes...One man's surplus is another man's feast. In our case, it's our zucchini. We have one plant that just went crazy. It's huge...almost 8 feet across. My son's just spotted one that they didn't pick in time, and it was huge. At least 2 feet long.

My hubby took it to work with a couple of smaller ones, and before he even was gone an hour, they were all gone. Especially the big one. The teachers at his school was having a hard time getting hers to grow, so she was thrilled at the produce. I was thrilled when I took some to Curves with me and all but two of them were gone by today. I never dreamed anyone would WANT zucchini...I mean, we like it, but we're getting tired of it by now.

I've only just started making zucchini bread - it never occurred to me to freeze it. I've been freezing everything else...

Anyway, good things come in strange packages. I just hate seeing it go to waste, so this was thrilling to me. And, we got some nice tomatoes from someone else in exchange, and since ours are still green...I'm way happy!


Tristi Pinkston said…
The best kind of zucchini bread has chocolate chips in it. :)
How great that you're able to have that and share. So many people in Orem, us included, weren't allowed to grow anything this year, or for the next two because of their spraying for that stinkin' Japanese Beetle. I miss my fresh produce. I'm so happy you're able to have yours.

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