Well...I'm finally feeling a little bit better. Yesterday I thought I was going to church - I was supposed to teach a lesson even - but it didn't happen. I was back in bed, wishing my stomach belonged to someone else.

Today, so far, so good - but my stomach is still being iffy. I hate that achy feeling...sigh.

I had lots of deep thoughts yesterday, but they've vaporized with the new day. Hopefully some of them will come back so that I can share them with you.

One thing I was going to talk about for a friend. I was talking about a book I had purchased to help my daughter during a difficult time. She (my daughter) was totally addicted to reading. We are not talking just liking to read when she wasn't doing other things--I'm talking about stealing a book because she wanted to read it so bad. She got caught twice, once by us, once by a store, and at that point had to pay the consequences. She paid the store back, but it's been a sting she hasn't liked to talk about for a long time. It's an embarrassment for her.

We have the opposite problem some parents do. We don't have to worry about our children reading. We have to worry that they are reading when they are supposed to be doing something listening in class! We even had one child almost come to blows with his teacher because the teacher tried to take his book away!

Now...given the thought that just crossed my mind that there was something in life so awful that they were escaping into books over it, (I shudder to think that was a reality) or they were just soo into reading that everything else was boring...I'm not sure. I don't think we have been that bad of parents, I mean, we're certainly not perfect, but we do try. However -- they do come by their addiction honestly.

I mean, I'm a reader. I read anything that comes before me. If I'm at the doctors office I stock up on magazines and read till they drag me out. If I am sitting waiting for someone, my first thought is what can I read? We go to the library weekly during the summer, and I'll check out at least 5 books...if not more. And these are not little thin ones either. Sometimes they'll be cook books, or self help with something like decorating, but usually and more often than not, it's reading material.

My kids aren't much different. Although, it's usually only two or three books for them.

My husband would read if he had the time -- he used to drive his mother crazy because he loved to read and he would read the same books over and over. She'd ask him why in the world he would want to read the same books over and over!? He liked them. I do the same thing. I have several books that are my favorites and I keep them for times when I was a relaxing read.

I'm looking for new authors all the time because I go through series so fast. Right now I'm trying to find all the LDS authors that I know and read their books. Unfortunately, not all of them are at the library. sigh.

But anyway...that's my family. We read. What is funny, is it doesn't seem to hit until jr. high. They HATE reading before then, which is strange. I have to coax and plead and threaten my youngest to get his 30 minutes in, and in a different book than he's already claimed to read all summer...

My biggest fear is that I'll loose my eyesight and not be able to read. If I loose my hearing at the same time, my world will be hard until I discover what blessing the Lord has given me in exchange. There's always a blessing in there, it just takes finding it! grin.


Thanks for coming by my blog and leaving your comment. We have a real reader in our house too. Not that he has come to blows with any teachers, but reading is what he prefers to do and has been like that pretty much all his short life (13 yrs). I can totally understand tha addiction to reading!
I had to team teache gospel doctrine and wished I could have been sick yesterday! Hope you're feeling better.
Tristi Pinkston said…
This is really interesting, Gaynell. I am an addicted reader, too, so I was curious to see what experiences you'd had. I'm not quite as addicted, but if I don't read for at least half an hour a day, I'm looney.
Sandra said…
Hi, I'm Sandra and I am addicted to reading.

I feel the same way as you do about losing my sight. That would be so hard.

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