Life is a Highway...

Well, I love that song. We love the movie Cars and that song gets us up and dancing every time. I really cannot sit still to it. I have even danced in the car as we're driving down the road (with the car on cruise control, of course). My hubby was asleep when I did this on our trip to California this last spring. He couldn't believe it when I told him that's how I'd stayed awake when the lines started getting to me. I got a good work out, let me tell you. A large 15 passenger van has pretty good leg room for the driver, and I could get those feet moving...LOL Just picture Foot Loose where he's teaching his friend how to dance and they are sitting on the bleachers just moving their feet.

So, anyway, onto the next set of numbers. I ended on 26 yesterday, what wonders will be behold today?

27. I like music! I like almost any king except punk, hard rock, and anything that screams or has someone just talking with 'music' in the background. I have even come to appreciate country music, although I still can't take the twangy stuff...ugh.

28. I love to dance. My hubby and I purchased a DVD a while ago so we could learn how to dance better -- although I love the way he dances anyway. He likes to dance with me, and we have fun. What else is important?

29. I have attended only three concerts in my lifetime. Pablo Cruise (please tell me you've heard of them???), Yanni and Kenny Loggins. Kenny Loggins was on our honeymoon, and my hubby had no idea at the time that he'd done half the songs we liked. He was blown away. We had to leave our cooler and camera down at the gate, so we were nervous the whole time someone was going to steal it. sigh. It was one of the first concerts at the ski resort by Part City...can't even remember what it was before the Canyons...

30. I love fall. (

31. I love to watch movies. I've been a movie fiend since I was a kid and you had to watch them in the theater because they didn't come out on video in a couple of months. We didn't even know what video was...

32. I love water. I guess I love the ocean the most, but I love large lakes too, and waterfalls, and swimming and watching my kids play in the water. I used to pretend I was a mermaid a LOT when I was a, what I would have done if I'd seen Little Mermaid when I was that age!

33. I love the mountains. Especially during the fall, but any time it's hot where I am and cooler there, or anytime it's got 15 feet of snow and I want to pretend I'm snowed in...sigh.

34. Clouds fascinate me. The way they are either drifting across the sky, or look as if someone took a paint brush and put them there, it's amazing. Like this morning, the view of the clouds over the mountains with the sun coming up and there is this light blue sky behind swirls of gray and white clouds...

35. I like everything green. least outside. I love it when the trees are green, and the grass is green and the bushes, etc.... I loved Oregon.

36. I never knew you were supposed to read your children to sleep. Every time I see a movie where the parent is tucking the child in and reading a story, I feel guilt. We tucked our kids in, but rarely read to them. No one ever read to me...I didn't know.

37. I used to draw on boxes in my room. I don't know if I didn't have enough paper, or it was just the craving to draw, but I used to draw all over them. I can still picture the pen on cardboard sketches of stories I made up in my mind...

38. Sometimes I feel like a misplaced movie character. In the movie You've Got Mail, Meg Ryan's character says that so much of life reminds her of something she read in a book, and she pondered that shouldn't it be the other way around? With my family, we have seen so many movies and quote them to each other that sometimes, I wonder the same thing. So much of life reminds me of a movie, and I wonder if I watch too many of them... Kind of a deep thought for first thing in the morning...ugh.

39. I feel that life is so full of joy. It amazes me how beautiful our planet is, and how wondrous our lives are. We live in a country that takes freedom as a given, where you can make what you want of yourself, and travel where ever and whenever you want. We have a country of such diversity, from mountains to deserts to oceans and glaciers. Beauty beyond compare. It takes your breath away.

40. Hmmm. I'm running out of things. I like my digital camera, I wish I could afford one of those large ones that are a combination SLR and digital and could take the picture of a butterfly from 10 yards that would be a camera!

41. Helping my children with homework gives me a headache. It doesn't matter what you suggest, they don't want to do whatever it is you've suggested. Fine!!

42. What is it with Scouting? Who thought this up in the first place? I didn't grow up with scouting other than my first foster brother who was a Weeblo (sp?) and then dropped out. I guess my real father was into it, my brothers talk about going to scouts every week, but I never saw it. And now as a mother I'm supposed to be pushing this on these wonder they say the mom does most of it. Why? Sure getting an Eagle is a good thing, but the world isn't going to stop on a dime and die because my sons don't want to earn their Eagles. Despite the fact that it would help the oldest one in his enlistment in the Army...sigh.

43. My favorite medium to paint with is acrylic. I usually do watercolor, but that's only because it's cheaper. Acrylic is like when you were a kid and did finger painting...way more satisfying.

44. Homemade cheesecake. Is there anything better? When I worked at Jacob Lake lodge, they made this cheesecake that was to die for. I kept asking the girl that worked in the bakery how she made it, and she would never tell me the recipe. sigh. The search goes on.

45. I collect cook books. I've only got one full, stuffed, can't fit anything else on it shelf, but I'm going to have to rearrange the cupboard so that I can start on the second one. I especially like the ones with big glossy pictures that show me what the end result is supposed to look like. It doesn't matter if my effort never comes close, just as long as I know what it was supposed to look like!

46. I didn't get my drivers license until I was 19. I just saw no need. I didn't have a car, and I would have had to pay insurance. I went to college and discovered I needed one to cash checks, so on Christmas break, I got it. sigh. Try convincing your own teen that it's a necessary thing when she knows this little tidbit about your past...

47. I love Christmas. Well...actually, I guess I should say I used to. Now, for some reason, I look at the season with dread. Possibly because when I was working I didn't want to decorate and then have to take it all down by myself... I used to get quite involved in decorating our house when we lived in Salt Lake. I'd buy stuff at Big Lots and it was great fun. I guess part of it is I don't have the money to buy stuff frivolously anymore, so we sit with what we've got -- which is tons. I don't know. I guess we'll see how it goes.
I love doing the presents though...this is the 9 ladies dancing I did last year for my brother and his family. I painted one of each item, very small...and found little frames to put them in and hang from the tree. They turned out kind of cute, actually.

48. I've stayed up till 3am reading sometimes...not very often. It's usually when I'm having a problem sleeping.

49. I am not a morning person. I've gotten better as I've had children and a spouse that have to do mornings...but I used to never get up before 10 am. Now I can't stand it...partially because my body doesn't let me. sigh. Age is not for the faint in heart.

50. and finally, the last one for today... I love America. I am so proud to live in a country like ours. Sure we are having problems, and I don't necessarily like the politicians, but I do love our country and I'm so very proud of our military. God bless!


thanks for more tidbits. I love your dancing lady.
Pablo Cruise . . . wow, that took me back. My brother (Cash) and I competed in a dance contest to "You Make Feel Like Dancing." We lost by one point.

America rocks!
Annette Lyon said…
I too hate scouting. Ugh. Good thing I have only one son.

And I'm SOO with you on the morning person thing. I'd prefer to stay up late and wake up at ten or later. If only that were an option!

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