Greetings from Hawaii

Well...I've got other blogs ready to go, but I decided I'd better get the photos from Hawaii out for ya'all. grin.

On looking back, it seems like it was all a strange dream. I went to these places, but they weren't in my heart because my heart was still back here. Interesting. I did get info for a book, so at least I did get some work done. I watched a lot of TV at night because I didn't want to get out among that crowd of humanity when it was dark.

I got some photos of the eastern side of the island, or as they call it, the windward side. It was the most green, and far less crowded.

I went to the Polynesian Cultural Center twice. You get a second visit for free if you go within three days...I highly recommend it. It was definitely the highlight of my visit. I went to the luau and the show afterward, all of which was great, but the different villages and learning about their cultures was the best.

They had a canoe parade during the afternoon, and as my guide was from Samoa, I took a photo of his group. He then proceeded to fall in. (he was the pusher with the pole behind everyone, the canoe wobbled with the dancers, his pole snapped and he fell in. It wasn't deep...but it was funny. Got us all wet who were sitting on the shore watching

I also went back a couple of days later and visited the temple and the BYU Hawaii campus. It was great fun, although a little strange to be there without my hubby.

I might be willing to go back and visit some of the other islands, I'm told that Kuai is a good one, and that Hilo on the big island is nice too. It just all seems like a strange dream and I'm glad I'm home.

I also started a new job, and so that was a bit of exciting to come back to. Today was my second day, and I think I'm really going to like it.

Well...I'd better end and get some work done. Have a good one!


Tristi Pinkston said…
These are great pictures. Thanks for sharing them!
I agree these are great pictures and it sounds like it was relaxing. What's your new job?
G. Parker said…
I'm a Technical Compliance sounds big, but all I'm doing is going through files to make sure they contain everything the law requires. It's fun though, and only 4 hours a day.

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