Happy Bday to Me...

Well...I can't believe it. The day is here already. It was really cute, my hubby got all the kids up for prayer and had them come and sing to me before I got out of bed. They weren't quite awake yet, so it sounded kind of like zombies singing, but it was cute. I was laughing pretty hard. You see, my family has this tradition of singing Happy Birthday as badly as possible. We are a family of singers, so we could make it sound like a choir, but instead, everyone sings as off key as possible. It makes a few people wince...not the least of which the person they are singing to.

I also got offered a job!! I'm kind of torn with the idea of going back to work, but it is only part time, and it should help with our finances a little. Right?? sigh.

And, how many of you when offered the chance to go to Hawaii, would go by themselves? I've mentioned before that we had a week of time in Hawaii with our time share, and now we've found I can fly there for a reasonable price. The catch is I'd have to go by myself. And I'd have to leave before dawn tomorrow. And...have any of you tried flying standby? groan. I just don't know.

Well...at least I've got a great bday!!


Tristi Pinkston said…
Happy Birthday!! I hope it's a great one!

And you know, I don't think I'd go by myself. I'd miss the fam too much if they couldn't go with me. But that's just me!
Happy Birthday!
I'd go ... but not without my husband. I hate flying stand-by because I hate it if at the end of the day I never got anywhere except the airport and back home.
Keeley said…
Happy Happy Birthday to you! =) I hope you had a wonderful day. Did Birthday Claus bring you anything fantabulous? =)

Sooo, did you take the job? Will you be going to Hawaii by yourself?
Happy Birthday!

I'd go by myself. But then I'm used to travelling alone.
Happy Belated Birthday! I'm sorry I'm a day late.

And Hawaii, I hope you're at the airport right now. Imagine all the writing, beach time, beautiful sunrises and sunsets . . . oh yeah, I'd go by myself just to get a writing project or two finished.

Flying standby - no, not very fond of it. But have done so when under extreme pressure.
G. Parker said…
Thanks everyone! I appreciate all your comments. Wish one of you could afford to go with me!! lol

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