Okay...that was a fun weekend. I love long weekends with my hubby. We went down to Fish Lake and stayed in my sisters cabin. (we'll use the term 'cabin' loosely here). It was gorgeous weather and we were even able to sit out on the deck and enjoy the view. All too soon, Tuesday morning loomed and it was time to clean up after ourselves and pack up -- reality time. sigh.

Then we discovered that our youngest son had decided to flush the toilet that he'd just told us was clogged and my hubby had told him to leave alone. Sigh. Good thing they have stone floors and low water pressure. We would probably have been home a while sooner if we hadn't had to clean that up. Of course, I should say my hubby cleaned it up! I was working on the kitchen.

anyway, we actually got home before 9 pm, which is good for us. We have a hard time leaving, and have been known to wait until about 9 to leave.

Then, when we got home, we were greeted by this wonderful tree. I know I've posted photos of it before, but it's just so pretty.

So - love this time of year.  :)  Have a great one!


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