Thanksgiving Week Already?

But where did November go? I tell you, October was just here, we were getting ready for Halloween, and now it's Thanksgiving week and I only have 10 days to finish 20,000 words!! ARGH! How do I manage to fall behind like this??? sigh.

I know why: I have a hard time writing on Friday's and Saturdays. It's family time! Although, my hubby was sweet and reminded me that I needed to be writing, that's why I even got in what I did. I'm now up to 30,600 words, which Thursday was only 29,000, so there has been progress. Just not enough. sigh.

So, Anyway, yesterday was a wonderful the beginning (I feel like I'm writing scripture here...groan). We went and saw my nephew, only recently home from Texas. He looked really good, and his talk went well. So did the rest of the meeting. Then we had a wonderful lunch of tacos...grin. Everyone was surprised he'd still want them, thinking he might possibly be bored with Mexican food! It was good though. Then we went to our meetings, which were wonderful.

But then we had my daughter and her fiance come over for dinner. sigh. Our oldest son decided to make some teenage decisions that have gotten him in trouble, and then was gone to drill all weekend, so hubby was all stressed all day... All in all, we were ready to go to bed WAY ahead of time.

Anyone know of a good black market for teenagers? sigh. Anyway...better get back to writing. Later!


Keeley said…
Oh man, I'm so sorry you're having teen troubles. I can totally empathize. Those teens can just rip your heart out and look right at you and sneer whilst they trample all over it and then tell everyone how awful you are and how hard-done-to they are. GAH!

*A great big huge fat hug from me* Hang in there.

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