Whew...it's Tuesday!

Well...I pulled a long stint at the computer -- AFTER spending most of the afternoon in the car shop with our two cars. Anyway, I was able to get everything put in that I'd written in my notebook, and then I was able to get an awesome scene down! I was so excited. It seemed like things were finally flowing, something that hasn't happened for a while.

Anyway, I'm almost halfway there! I'm at 23,307 words! (okay, I'm now doing my happy dance. lol)

I had a laugh with my daughter yesterday. We've seen the movie Ratatouille like I mentioned before, and last night I was helping her get dinner ready. I was testing the sauce and making sure things were mixed in, and basically, we were acting like a chef and a sous chef. It was strange. She thought it was cool -- she said that's basically the same thing they do... wow. I'm a chef! grin.

Hope everyone has a great day!


pussreboots said…
Yay for almost being halfway. I'm about 500 words behind you. I'm looking forward to the big 25K milestone later this week.

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