Baby it's Cold Outside!

Okay...when it gets cold enough that you can't let the animals stay outside for fear of them freezing to death, then it's cold enough to bring out the mugs of hot chocolate and cuddle up in front of the fireplace, forget the cost of the fire! BRRRRR

I couldn't believe it, it was a whole 13 degrees this morning, and the wind chill made it feel like 5. I was really glad my kids ride the bus so I didn't have to venture out until later to go to work. I was still cold, and I'm freezing now. I think I'm going to have to find the hot cocoa...I've been so good, perhaps I'll make it herbal tea instead. sigh. It's just not the same, but did you know how many carbohydrates cocoa has?? I've been trying to watch my carbs, and so I don't eat as much bread as I'd like, and I try to watch all the other stuff that has carbs too. That means herbal teas instead of cocoa.


It's just not the same. I hope my taste buds adapt soon...


I like mint tea myself. You know how you put marshmallows in cocoa? Maybe if you put just a few chocolate chips in mint tea, you could have mint chocolate chip tea. I'm going to have to try that one!
Good luck, nothing takes the place of hot chocolate! :)

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