Birthday Cake

Well, Friday was my son's 14th bday, and he wanted a pirate cake. I wasn't going to buy him one, we did that last year and I decided it wasn't happening this year -- that and the one he wanted was about $30...

So, I decided this was a challenge and I would make one. I thought it turned out pretty good...what do you think? He liked it.

Here are a couple of different angles.

If anyone wants the specs, I'd be happy to tell ya.

Saturday was the swim party, and that turned out fun. Fortunately he even had two of the three he invited come, when he didn't get the invitations out until the day before...sigh.

All in all, he was happy, we were happy, and it was a good weekend.


Marsha Ward said…
That's an awesome cake, Gaynell! You're such a great mother to put in the time and effort--and thrifty, besides!

Marsha Ward
ANWA Writers Conference
March 1, 2008

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