Till We Meet Again...

Perhaps one of the greatest men I've ever known died yesterday. I'm sure the web is being filled to the brim with statements of much the same -- adding my own will be a small dot in the wonderful picture that will be painted of him.

Gordon B. Hinkley was a man with vision. A man who saw the greatness of what we can become, who encouraged us all -- no matter what religion we belonged to, to return to our Father in Heaven, to follow Jesus the Christ and to love our neighbors.

I've known of this man most of my life. He is in my memory from the earliest time I knew about the leaders of this great church. He is a fixation with the presidency, having been a counselor for most of the time I knew of him. I don't know if I'm going to be able to handle it very well at next general conference when he isn't on the stand.

I know he is far happier now! He is back with his wife, he is with the Savior and he is sure to be greeting everyone that went on before that knew him and loved him. I was finally blessed with some peace last night during my prayers -- I don't want to grieve with sorrow. I want to be happy for him.

Right now I can say I am. I just know in a couple of months when we are watching Elder Monson sustained as the President, I'm going to miss the wonderful friendly face smiling at the whole world with love.

I'm going to miss President Gordon B. Hinkley. Till we meet again...


Wonderful tribute post for a wonderful man of God! A true prophet for oour times. We have been blessed to have been taught through him!

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