200th Blog Contest!

Okay! In honor of the fact that I shall soon be entering my 200th blog (blows the mind, doesn't it?) I'm having a contest!! I'm thrilled, but a littler nervous no one will know, and therefore no prize will be given.

So it's a two part contest. One -- you must link this to your blog or website and comment to me that you've done so. Two -- you must write a single paragraph (or 100 words)starting with the following sentence:

"What do you mean it's loaded?"

This is my favorite thing, madwrites or adlibs, and so that's my favorite type of contest! This will start now, and end on the day that I write the 200th blog, so probably sometime during the last week of February. That should give everyone plenty of time. I don't care what genre, although no riske or porn will be allowed. I will post each day's offerings so that everyone can read them. If someone wants to vote, I could perhaps do two winners, my choice and the readers choice. It will depend on the type of response that I get.

So -- everyone get writing! I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.
The prize is still in the works, because I want it to be something amazing and that needs my hubbies input and he's at work. As soon as I have it nailed down, I'll be posting it.

My weekend, by the way -- in case you're interested -- was wonderful. It was gorgeous weather the whole time and we didn't do anything but play games, talk and watch movies. sigh. It was much too short. I'm really looking forward to this week, Valentines is coming!


Danyelle F. said…
Aha! I've posted a blog about your contest with the address for your blog. You can check it out at www.FergusonAuthors.com

Hmm . . . so it's loaded, huh? That brings to mind way too many fun things to write about. I'll have to narrow it down. I assume there's only one entry per person, right?
G. Parker said…
Hi Danyelle!! Fun to have you drop by. yes...there's only one entry per person, unless we only get 5 people...I guess we'll see how it goes. Thanks for stopping by!
This could be fun... I'll have to let it roll around in there with the rocks and see IF I can spit something out! If I do, do I email it to ya? I just wrote a Dr. Seuss poem and posted it!
SuperCoolMom said…
I'm Carrie's blogfriend - Sounds Fun! My blog is private, but I'll post about your contest and spread the word. Who knows, I may even give it a shot!

If you're curious you can email me at lotsostuff at hotmail dot com
Ok I've spit something out tell me how to submit it! birdlulu@midrivers.com
"What do you mean it's loaded?" I asked as he handed me the package and stepped back on the bus.
"You'll see what I mean!" George hollered as the bus doors closed and it pulled away from the curb.
I stood there holding the small package, wondering IF I should even open it. I walked a few paces and sat down on a park bench. Hands shaking, heart racing, I peeled back the plain brown wrappings, to reveal a book. I dove right in and read straight through to the end. This simple unadorned blue book would change my life. He was right, it was loaded, with a blue-print for life!

{I think there are a few moew than the 100 words. It's not true, it's just what came to mind!}
Shellie said…
Hmm! I will have to think about this, I'm terrible at getting things in on time, But I will give it a go (maybe!)

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