I had a wonderful Sabbath yesterday. It was High Council Sunday, and a Missionary homecoming at the same time. The missionary took -- which was okay, we all love her. So, the High Council was short, which was amazing in and of itself, but he had a wonderful subject, one which I felt quite necessary to write about.


He said that most LDS do not include grace in our vocabulary. It seems too Protestant. That made me laugh. He's right. You won't find many LDS people using that word or discussing grace. It's just not done. Remember the book I mentioned a week or so ago?? It deals with this same subject. It's a dear word to me now.

Anyway -- He said that as LDS, we tend to focus on works instead of grace. However, it is only by Grace we are saved. Isn't that ironic? I wonder how many really ponder the word and it's implications.

While we have the obligation to do what we can to follow the commandments and keep our covenants and live as we are supposed to--- it's only by Grace of the Savior in his redeeming sacrifice that we are saved and can be saved eternally.

How's that for an aha moment? Just wanted to give you something to think about today. Have an excellent one!


I think like you said we LDS need little reminders of this concept. Thanks.

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