Don't ya Just Love it?

I had the joy of talking with Tech Support again today. It's been a little while because things have been running smoothly. Well...remember the movie Transformers where the guy is trying to get through to the Pentagon on a cell phone? That whole scene is one of our favorites. "I'm in a freakin war! This is ridiculous!"

Well...after going through all the stuff they've told us before, and getting no results, I finally called them because my husband REALLY needs to have access for his classes. That's when I found out that I'd plugged the wires in the wrong way in the back -- although I didn't know this at first cause it disconnected me from the technician. darn. lol

So, I waited a few minutes to see if he would call me back. He didn' I called them again. I got a new person, and this one seemed a little more with it. That's when I discovered I'd plugged the ports in the wrong way -- sigh. I'd been thinking I needed to check it before I called....but they haven't been working even when they are in the right spot, so who knew???

He was nice...said have a good day, yada yada. sigh.

Don't you just love tech support??? Wish I had a job like that. "Ma'am, is your computer showing a green light?"


Have a good one!


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