Here He is!

Well, I finally got the photo editor up on my computer so I could edit his birthday pictures. Isn't he cute?? I'm not biased or anything...right. Anyway, this is one of his crazy moments. I also got a group shot of all them posing in front of the birthday banner.

They are a fun bunch of kids, and I was glad so many of them showed up. If any of you watch commercials in Utah, or have seen the movie Mobsters and Mormons -- the large kid on the right is the son of the actor that played one of the henchmen. He's got an amazing tenor voice.

Anyway, it's been a month, as most of you who have had graduating seniors know. Sunday was his seminary graduation, and his grandmother was able to come. It was a neat time, especially since we don't think he's going to walk with his friends...sigh. I won't go into that now...

But here's a shot with him and grandma.

She's a sweetheart, and we were glad she could make it. She has like four other graduations this

I just can't believe my little boy is all grown up. I get to have him for another month before he goes into basic. I'll have to get a shot of him in his camos...


Sandra said…
I had to grin because before your child goes to boot camp you call them camos and after they come home you call them camies. On top of that, your language becomes peppered with all kinds of acronyms and you wonder why no one else understands you. ;) Multiply that by 2 sons in the military and conversations are very different around here.

Speaking of that, when does he go to MEPS?
G. Parker said…
July 1st. sigh. And then he will most likely have to sit around until everyone gets back from the 4th. I'll be wanting to talk to you aLOT Sandra. How are your sons? Which branch is the second one in -- since I know the other one was in San Diego which is Navy...grin
Congrats on growing him up and getting him ready for the real world!
Sandra said…
While San Diego is Navy, it is also home to MCRD (marine corps Recruiting depot- where Gomer Pyle USMC was filmed)
Both boys are Marines and in the same unit and set to be deployed sometime this year.

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