Hey - That's My Bedspread!

Our Relief Society met Wednesday and held a mix between a quilting bee and a bag sewing party. One of the women in the ward wanted to learn how to make a quilt for her daughter, so we decided to set one up and put it together so that it could be done quickly.

We have several women in the ward who quilt -- some with more dedication than others. One of whom brought her daughter's quilts for decoration and example; one's they had made together as projects over the past couple of years. The daughter graduated this year, and now has three quilts to her credit. They were gorgeous, and I told the lady next to me (who was a neighbor as I graduated high school) that it wasn't fair.

When I was in young women's, our ward used to make a quilt for every young woman that got married. By the time I got married, they had discontinued that practice and I was sooo disappointed. We had made each other tied quilts instead, and I still have that blanket, though it's starting to come apart.

Mom Bean was really into quilt blocks. She made a gorgeous Christmas Tree skirt of blocks that had the folded strips sewn together. I'm afraid I don't have that kind of patience.

In 2006 my best friend entered the State Fair Quilt Challenge. This contest has specific fabric/theme and is a wall quilt. The quilt is not only appliqu├ęd, but hand sewn and machine sewn as well. It's amazing what they come up with, its so much fun! You can see that she won a ribbon for her efforts.

Personally, I am amazed with all the different styles and work that make up quilting. I would definitely call it an art form. Many quilts are hung on walls now as decorations, and it reminds me of the great tapestries of the past.

My mother made a crazy quilt that I was able to hang onto for a while -- but it disappeared when I moved from California. I bemoan it's loss, because I didn't have many things that were made by my mother, and now it's gone. I found a photo that was very similar to what she did. However, instead of the light stitching, she had used black thread, so it really stood out against all the different fabrics.

I guess part of quilting is a skill that's been handed down from one generation to the next -- partly as a necessity and partly out of the need for creativity. I'm just thankful to have been taught the basics, and to have lots of people around who are masters at the craft. They are amazing, and my hat's off to them.

Now if I could just convince one of them to make me a new one for my bed...

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The skill and talent for quilting is amazing. Last year a woman that my husband and I knew from our ward gave us three beautiful homemade quilts. And I do mean beautiful. I was in awe!
Quilting IS a talent and an art form. My grandmother made lots of cool quilts.My mom is not a sewing wizz my sister is learning the art and has made some nice ones.

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