He's Doing Good...

Well, we've gotten several letters from our son in Oklahoma. Unfortunately, he doesn't appear to be getting ours. What's up with that??

It makes me anxious -- I don't want him thinking that we don't love him and aren't writing him. I know that he'll get them eventually, but I can't imagine what the hold up is! Watch, he'll get them all in one day! grin.

He's been having hotter weather there, more like living in St. George. I understand that the barracks are air conditioned, so at least there is that. I was picturing HOT with no relief... ;)

We are gearing up to go to his graduation. I keep hoping air fares will go down - just a little! Please??? sigh.

I also can't believe summer is almost over. Today is the last day of July!! Where did it go?? I'll be going back to work in three weeks, my kids will be going back to school, and things will be somewhat back to normal.

I hate normal. grin.

Oh well...life goes on. I really need to get painting now...the county fair is in two weeks!! ARGH!


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