Age Makes Everything Beautiful

In the days leading to my birthday, I've realized that I view things quite differently now than I did in my youth. In some ways, I am more critical and harder to please with what I consider art or pleasing to the eye. In some ways I find I like things simple and easy...unfortunately the two do not always coincide.

If you ask a child what they think is pretty, they'll tell you the new bike they got, the new doll with the shinny hair, the party dress from grandma, the cool skateboard for a birthday -- things that are not necessarily what older children would list. Some of the even smaller children might mention butterflies, birds, flowers or a rainbow.

As I've mentioned before, what is beauty and art to one, is not always the same to someone else. This is the same with age.

When we're young, we think nothing of time as it goes by. Usually we're agonizing over how slowly it seems to move -- especially when we're waiting for Christmas or a birthday. As we grow older, it takes forever for a date night to come, or a boyfriend to come back from a mission. After we've gotten married, suddenly time seems to speed up. When you have children, it starts to go even faster.

All the days till Christmas are suddenly less than ever before when there are presents for those darlings. As they age, the hour hand seems to speed up even more, until suddenly you find yourself at their high school graduation, mission farewell, or (gasp) wedding. Where did the time go?

Things come to take on a whole different meaning. 'Things' no longer seem as important as they were -- and are not seen in the same light. What was beauty at 16, is generally not what is considered so at 26 or 30. Definitely a different thought when in the 50's.

Moments in time become art.

Brief stints of time spent with a loved one, a grandchild just born or learning to walk; a dear friend who has been gone a while, out in nature with the birds and flowers -- in the Temple of the Lord with the spirit present. Those are the things we begin to see as beauty and art in the world around us. We come to treasure them far more than earthly things that will fade away and not go with us when we leave.

While there are still 'things' that I treasure; a teapot from China (a gift from my sister), a painted china plate (painted by my husbands favorite grandmother), a wooden 'MOM' done by my son in first/second grade, my wedding ring -- none of them stand up to the treasure of my family.

I am so very blessed.

All the world is a gift of beauty and life. It just depends on the view of those seeing it. What is your view?

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Lucy said…
I know this does no good to wish back, but wouldn't it be wonderful if we could have had the perspective we have now in early adulthood/marriage/kids? There oughta be a way. :)
I really like this post! And I have to agree with -- ones view changes with time!

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