A 'Mazing' Art

When the nights turn chilly, leaves begin turning red and gold, and a nip is in the air, you know it's gotten to be that time of year again -- fall. It's a time eagerly anticipated by some for reasons far different than most of us -- it's because of the corn.

I'm not talking about eating corn, I'm talking about corn mazes that have cropped up around the country over the past 40 years and grown into a cultural past time no one would have dreamed of when I was a kid. My boys love going to it every year, the schools do field trips and they love it. Apparently if you build it, they will come. In droves.

I read that they started growing popular in the 1970's, but perhaps that was in more rural areas where they had farms. Since I grew up in a city during most of that time, I never heard of them. In fact, I hadn't heard of them until I'd moved to Utah and was going to college. I thought they were a fad...seemed like everyone was making their corn fields into a maze to make money. There are many across the nation, but I think the ones local are among some of the best.

There are lots that have American Themes...Like this one of a Chevy car...

and this one of the Special Olympics...

Actually, I thought it was cool that Farmers had a way to subsidy their income -- farming is a tough life. So, I thought I'd highlight some of the best in Utah.

The one at the very top is out in Syracuse. It's called the Black Island Farm maze, and this year they are spotlighting the Ronald McDonald House. You'll find most mazes either sport a personal signature or are sponsored by someone or support a cause. It's kind of cool how people work together.

This David Archuleta maze is down at Thanksgiving Point. I don't know, I think he's a cute kid and all, but isn't this stuff going to start going to his head?? lol

There is another one in Pleasant Grove that's well known for it's usual theme of Jurassic Park...

Some of these are definitely art -- and it amazes me how they do it. I mean, I guess they graph it out and have a computer design it -- but how do they know what they are doing on the ground?? Sometime I'll have to go watch someone make it so I can understand the process. It's mind boggling.

The one in West Jordan has a Halloween theme and looks like a wild run...I sure wouldn't want to try it. And they definitely look like they take hours to go through!

While these mazes would be fun during the day, apparently most of the fun comes at night. I'll never understand why most people love haunted houses and haunted mazes! I don't like to be scared, and I don't pay to have someone come up behind me and make me scream! sigh. I know, I'm just a spoil sport. I figure my kids can go have all the fun they want, but I'm not going...

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Wow these are amazing! Thanks for sharing your local ones.

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