A Couple of Things...

I was too busy and crazy yesterday, so I didn't get to mentioning the honor of Veterans...sorry dad. So here it goes...
At this point in our history when things look bleak politically, the last things we have to hang onto are our freedoms. I am so proud to come from a family that was full of service for our country. I am proud of my son (that comes home tomorrow!!!) and his desire to serve. I have several nephews who have gone the extra mile, and one that just finished Navy Seal school...(man does he look buff!)
Without our veterans who have fought so valiantly in our past, we would not have a future. I honor them today, and all of their sacrifices. Thank you.

Also...I came across a video on Youtube...actually it was sent to me -- I don't go to youtube unless sent there...ugh. Anyway, this video is totally inspiring. I wish that I could post it here so you wouldn't have to go there to see it, as they've stuck a bunch of porn on the same page as him -- try not to look at anything on the side bars, okay??? UGH!!!

But his story is too amazing to miss. It will leave you in tears.


Cindy Beck said…
That's a very nice tribute to veterans. Thanks for posting it.

I'm so happy for you that your son is home, too. :)

And before I forget, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on "The Germ Theory". Sorry to hear that nasty-wasty germ found you. Hope you're feeling better!

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