I Did It!!

Well, I did it again! One more year of doing and finishing Nano! I don't know if I've mentioned doing it here or not, I've been writing about it at my other blog, Writers Blogck, but I figured I'd do a little boasting here.

It seemed easy at first, this year, and then got progressively hard. I had to be finished by Saturday night, because I don't like to write on Sunday -- so I had to do it in 29 days instead of 30...or it would be less, because I didn't do any writing on Sunday, and I didn't write on Thanksgiving, and...grin.

Anyway...I got my goal. 50300 words. Unfortunately, the books not finished. sigh.

So that's my goal now, to hurry and get it finished so my hubby doesn't get too frustrated.

I still need a title...


Way to go! That's a great accomplishment.

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