Art Galleries, Theaters and Opera, oh my!

In my quest for knowledge about all things art, I have come to realize that sometimes we have to take the initiative. If we sit at home and wish for something beautiful to burst in upon us, it's not going to come (unless you're a writer working on an idea, or a painter).

Along with that, if we're bored, there's no one but ourselves to blame. There is so much of life and art around us, we have simply to step up.

In doing a quick search at Deseret News site for art galleries, I discovered there was a whole page with listing for current showings at galleries in the Salt Lake area. In fact, there are four pages of listings. It boggles the mind. The painting at the top is "Tracks in the Sand" by John Stout, and will be on display at Art at the Main through Feb. 14. I've mentioned art galleries and museums as great ways of exposing yourself to art and teaching your children as well. You'll have to look up times and costs, though I think most galleries are free -- they're trying to sell the

Then I spotted an announcement that the Salt Lake City Ballet company is making it's debut performance. The company is the performance branch of the Salt Lake City Conservatory school. I thought that was kind of cool. I didn't even realize we had a ballet school here in Utah. I'm totally out of the loop, I can tell. I asked my daughter if she knew there was a ballet school in Utah, and she said she thought there was, but she didn't know where. I guess I'm not the only one -- although, perhaps that doesn't count since she's related to me and I would be the one to tell her...

They'll be performing something called "At Capacity" which sounds interesting. If you are in the mood for ballet, that would be the place to go.

And last (but certainly not least, and no -- the fat lady ain't singing yet...) the opera. I have yet to actually go see an opera in person, though there have been several I've wanted to see. The one playing in Salt Lake right now is Puccini's "La Boheme". The only time I've heard of this opera before was in the movie Kate and Leopold... Since it was used to show one man's lack of knowledge and another man's superiority, I wasn't sure I wanted to see it. The description sounds intriguing though it's another depressing tragedy. What is it about these things that they have to have people die in them?

Anyway --

Life is full of art, if you but take a step out to find it. It's getting close to the month of February, which is going to be a wonderful month of love and art...

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Cindy Beck said…
Loved the painting, "Tracks in the Sand" that you had at the top of this blog entry. I wouldn't mind having that hanging in my house! Thanks for posting it for us.

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