Contest! Help me Win

Okay...I know it's not really something that's done...but I like helping my friends promote their stuff, and I love to read -- sometimes that goes hand in hand!

For of my writing friends is having a contest on her blog, Not Entirely British. To win the book in question, which is Josi Kilpacks newest endeavor, Lemon Tart, I need to post about her contest with a link back to her contest so you can all go read about the book!! So, here's the link Not Entirely British! You really need to go check it out, Josi writes great books, and this sounds like she's doing a whole new series. I can't wait to get my hands on it!


Cathy Witbeck said…
Sounds yummy. I'll have to go checkit out. Thanks.
Cindy Beck said…
Oh no, Gaynell, you can't win, because I want to win! :)

Well, okay ... you can win and maybe you'll share it with me after you've read it.

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