Graduation Day!!

Well, yesterday was my son's graduation. I of thousands across the state...grin. But it was way fun. We only had to sit through 1 1/2 hours of ceremony, got to take lots of photos in his gown and cap, and thoroughly spoil him rotten for the day.

He was the first son to walk across stage, complete his eagle and do concurrent enrollment at the local University. We are just a little proud of him, can you tell?

We took him out for dinner afterward to Maddox, and that was an experience. Anyone who has been there will was Friday and it was packed. I was really glad we'd made reservations. It was loud -- not sure I would do that again. My hubby and I decided that it would be an anniversary type place the next time we were trying to think of somewhere nice, but in a booth, so it would be quieter. Of course, anytime you have our troupe together, it's noisy because they're all trying to talk over the other. smile.

Anyway, We had made a fun big sign that said Congrats 2009 with his name across the C part of it and taped it to the garage, and then lined the porch railing with balloons before we went to the graduation so it would be a surprise. (he'd already left) When we got home we found this:

During the time we'd been gone a microburst came along and totally tore the sign of and all but 4 of the balloons... sigh. My oldest son thought some local kids who were out playing night games might have torn it down, but that's something we'll never know and I'd hate to think someone would do that. So...nature had it's way, and he never saw the sign. Dang. was a great day!! It was definitely a Kodak moment...grin.


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