You've Got to Read it!!

Okay...I haven't been paid to give this review, in fact, Josi will probably never know I wrote it. Actually, you've probably already heard about the book -- there have been raves about it for several months now. But after reading it this morning, I couldn't help it.

She's come out with a series that I'm excited about and can't wait for her to continue. The first one is called Lemon Tart. It's wonderful!! If you've ever read one of Josi Kilpack's books, you know that she's a wonderful writer. She has taken her talent to a level higher, I think, and is ready to go national with this series. I really hope it goes, too.

She sprinkles her chapters with recipes that look to be delicious, and I can't wait to try them. A friend of mine, Danyelle has let it be known that she has been test taster to these recipes, and can vouch for their yumminess. (is that a word? grin)

Anyway, if you like light mysteries with romance and cooking thrown in, then you'll love these books. Her next one, English Trifle is due out soon, and from what I've read, it looks just as good as the last one. Be sure and check it out, you'll love it!!


Sandra said…
I'm a tester as well! I love seeing all the little changes I suggested in an actual published book. And in book 2 my name is there and in book three, there is recipe that I invented and it is named after me!!! So exciting.

And all of that is just icing on top of an already great read. I love, love, love Josi's work.

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