I'm Doing It!!

It's crazy, but this month has been the best year for my Nano participation. Partially because I've been sick half the time...sigh...and thus had time at the computer that I don't normally have. I guess there are blessings in disguise everywhere...grin.

But anyway, my fellow Authors Incognitos are having different contests through the month to honor the Nano, and I came in third last week! For writing the most words! I was surprised, and a little thrilled...I mean, just hearing the words you won always seems to mean something, even when all you won is a patch you can put somewhere, but I put it here with pride. It means I'm doing something productive, even if no one else can really see it...grin. Have a good one...oh, and my word count this morning? 37,536. Not bad if I do say so myself. ;)


Cathy Witbeck said…
I am so proud of you. What a whopping word count. You go, woman!
Hey I need your address so I can send you your book mark.

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