Wow...5 more and lots to go

Well...yesterday was measuring and weighing day again. I'm down another 5 pounds! It wasn't as dramatic as the first time, but I had to remind myself that it was still good. That makes it a total of 20 pounds off in 6 weeks. Not bad, actually - for the first time in 5 years I'm seeing the scale below 300 pounds. Now we have another bunch to go... ;)

My personal trainer wants me to pick only one fat per meal this next couple of weeks. She said it was kind of mean to do during Christmas time, and she'd ignore Christmas day. I said heck yeah...I'm not even going to count it -- I didn't count Thanksgiving!

It's interesting how my stomach has shrunk and how I'm not tempted to eat a lot of candy...mostly. Making it at home is always a challenge, especially when the homemade caramel turns out soooo good. I want to buy a can of fat free condensed milk and see how it turns out. I'll let you know...

Have a good one!


Kimberly Job said…
Great job! You're inspiring me. Keep the posts coming.

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