Just a Caution...Clearplay users

Okay - Just for those of you interested in the Clearplay - it's good, we like it, but beware.

If you let your subscription time out, you can't use it anymore.

We noticed there was this little message when we used it last week that said we only had 3 uses, then 2, then suddenly it wasn't letting me. It's message was that you had to update the filters on the stick in order to use it.


I figure, you know, once we've paid for the filters, they're on the stick, they're ours. But no. I emailed them and said what's up with this, and they emailed back and said it's how it works. If you don't have a current subscription the filters don't work.

I told them I'd be sure and get the word out.

It's a great idea - and we really like it. That's why we updated to the new one. Only you know what?? the old one would let us use the filters despite the age of the filters or the status of our subscription. Hmmm... Although, perhaps I'm being naive. We never let our subscription run out, so how do I know?

It hadn't even run out this time, we just don't update it every month. We're not that into the new movies.

Anyway- just a word for thought.

Have a good one!


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