I'm a Grandma! Where Did Time Go??

by G.Parker

If you've ever watched Star Trek, you'll know there are a couple of episodes that involve time travel.  I feel like I've lived that this past week.  Last week my first grandchild was born.  It was like looking at a video of myself 23 years ago -- it looked that similar.  It freaked me out.  Not that I don't love this new little angel, quite the contrary -- she's a total doll.  But it's just so odd to suddenly go from being a parent to a grandparent.

And then I got the news that I'm a grandmother, again.  Another baby girl.  Wow.  We think it's kind of ironic -- we had twins first and now we have two grandbaby girls born in the same month.  I guess we'll never really know the feeling of 'one'.  I guess it's a lonely number that we'll never know...grin.

I did have a photo that someone had forwarded to me of this granddaughter, but I've been asked to remove it, so it's gone.  Take my word for it, she's cute!

So, despite actually having had a few minutes to write this week, the blog wasn't a priority, so you just get the news flash.  Next week it will be something writerly...is that a word Darvel?? 


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