There Seems to be a Need...

There have been several comments to my husband at work about the food he takes for lunch.  If you read my food blog, you'll feel like you're having de'ja vu, but I wanted to post this here as well.  It seems that they have told him they would be willing to buy my food if it was pre-made for them.

I'm wondering how much of it is time and how much is knowledge.  I've volunteered to teach a couple of women in my neighborhood how to lighten up their menus and recipes, and they are totally excited.  I know for a long time I was frustrated with how to do the same thing, and it's been research and experimentation that made the difference.  I guess the fact that I've lost 80 pounds in a year makes people think I know all, or more than they do.  Perhaps - but I think it's all viewpoint.

So, I'm tossing the question out to the cosmic world of blogging to see if I get any kind of response.

What would you think of a web site that you could submit recipe or menu questions to and get help and advice for low fat, low sugar cooking?  Possibly even money saving tips, but I'm not expert in that area by any means.


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