Well...He's on his way...

Well, Wednesday we took our son to the MTC.  The first time either of us has been back in over 27 years.  It's amazing how little things have changed, and yet, how much they have changed.

The curbside bit is totally new -- and I guess it's better for everyone all around.  It was fun to meet the missionaries that were leaving in three days for Korea, and I know they'll do great.  It was hard to hug my son goodbye and hurry into the car to leave.  I did fine till we got out of the car to go eat and then the tears started threatening.

It's crazy how hard it is after they are gone.  It's not like he hasn't been gone before, so I guess perhaps it's the whole idea that he's gone for a longer period of time and I can't just call him when I want.  I don't know.  But anyway, he's off, and he's doing what we always dreamed he would.  sigh.

Life is good.  ;)


Marsha Ward said…
Oh my! What's the curbside bit? Do you have to say goodbye right there now? No more super-speed "Called to Serve?"
G. Parker said…
Nope...you drop them at the curb and take a quick photo and then a quick hug and get back in the car. It's great...I think. ;) My hubby really liked it.

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