I should have brought...

My notebook. 

I'm sitting at work at the phones today, standing in for the secretaries as they do training.  Do I have much to do??  No.  Nope.  Nada.  Zingo.  sigh.

Once in a while someone will come with something for me to do, but it's the most bored I've been on the job in months and months...  Interesting. 

I finally made a post on my political blog, but I don't dare post it here, because I could get my daughter upset with me, since it's about unwed pregnancy.  sigh.  minefields...everywhere. 

Then I realized that I hadn't written a blog on this one in about a month, and that's depressing.  I knew I was busy, but ya know...

and so, here we are.  One of my favorite bloggers, It's Like This, posted that she'd realized she hadn't posted in a while.  She claims to have two readers...well, that's better than me, by a long shot.  lol

I could be spending this time getting caught up on my writing, which is terribly behind right now, but I'm stuck here trying to catch up on blogs and looking at recipes.  lol  Well, at least I've got lots of soup recipes I want to try now...much to the bane of my youngest who seems to hate all things soup.

I think I've found a good chicken dumpling for my hubby - won't he be surprised?  That's his favorite and I've made it like 2 times in our whole marriage.  I guess it's time to perfect the thing and let him know how much I love him by cooking what he really wants!!  ;)  Good thing he generally likes what I cook anyway. 

Have a good one!


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