I'm still alive...

Really - just because I haven't posted in like Forever doesn't mean I've disappeared off the face of the earth.  sigh.

I used to think that blogging was a great thing and I loved doing it.  Now I hardly have time to think about posting, let alone coming up with things to post about.

Right now I have this gorgeous bird outside my window and I'd rather watch it in fascination than come up with something someone might want to read.  Part of the problem is I know that while I have followers - if they're like the kind of follower I am - they aren't waiting with bated breath for me to write something.  They have lives and they are most of them writers themselves, so hey - no biggie.

This blog covers many aspects of my life, though it was only meant to be a writing outlet.

One of my critique group has self published and is having a great book signing/release party at Barnes and Noble in Layton on Monday.  I know I'd be excited if it were me to have all my friends writing about it, so I thought I'd mention it for anyone who decides to peep at my blog between now and then and lives in the area.  I'm so excited for her -- I'm also jealous as heck.  I have to remind myself that it could be me doing this - if I'd the drive and gumption.  sigh.

So anyway - lots of work this month to get some writing done and off to Createspace for my free copy of the book I wrote for Nano.  If it works out, perhaps I'll publish both sets, and you'll have access.

Hope you have a great first weekend of school out!!  ;)


Thanks Gaynell. *big smile*

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