I'm Still a Grandma

Well...almost 2 years ago I posted that I was a grandmother...twice.  Due to circumstances out of my control, I was forced to alter that post and the photos that accompanied it.
Now, I am happy to say that things have changed and I can post that I'm officially grandmother to two darling little girls.  And show you pictures.  It makes me just grin, inside and out.  And giggle.  And well...so it's silly, but I'm a grandma!  And for some reason, I wasn't sure I ever wanted to be one.  But it's fun.  It's like an excuse to be the kind of parent I wished I'd been when my kids were growing up.  It's the chance to show that I've matured and realized that there are more important things than appearances.

 Grandchildren.  They're blessings for having survived our children!  lol


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