Book Review - Most Important Catch!

I have to tell you - sometimes it's great to be part of the writing world and get an advance notice of books coming out.  Even better is being able to get copies of said books to review!!  Since I love reading next to eating or breathing, that's like, the best thing in the world!  ;)

That being said -- I have a great book I get to review today.  If you've read any of Jaclyn M. Hawkes, then you're familiar with her witty style of writing.  One of the things I loved about this book was the humor.  There were many times when I was just chuckling at a passage and thought, "Cool!  She's got me laughing!"

The Most Important Catch is a great read.  If you are into romances, or your daughters are (like mine), then it's one you'll want to pick up.   It's not a flat suspense, it has too much romance.  It's not a no-brainer romance novel either - there's too much meat to it.  The main characters have great interaction, and if you happen to be a football fan, you'll get a kick out of it, though it will remind you how pathetic the professional sports world is.

I wish I could give you my favorite part, but you know how the swiss cheese is in my brain - and it's in full force today.  Suffice to say that you're wondering through the whole book how the heroine is going to solve her problem, how the hero is going to save the day and convince her that he loves her, and how the bad guy is going to get his.  Good stuff, and well done, as usual.  Trust me - if you liked her other books, you'll love this one.


G., thank you for taking the time to review my book. So glad you liked it! Makes my day! Jaclyn
Lexie@BookBug said…
Thanks so much for the great review and for being part of the tour!

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