Happy 4th!!!!

Greetings my fellow Americans!!  Happy birthday to us!  In this time of chaos and trouble, with weather starting to turn and economies struggling, there is one thing you can always count on:
We are a nation of people that love our freedom.
If we weren't, it would have gone the way of the world a long time ago.  It is still struggling, and there are lots of people who just don't get it, but on the whole, there are (fortunately) many people who still cherish freedom and all it stands for.
I am so thankful that I have a family who has a military background.  My father was a Ranger who fought in WWII, my grandfather was in the Navy.  My other dad was a Marine, and his brothers were all in the military too.  I have several nephews who are serving, as well as a son in the Army and one who is looking at the Air Force.
We are not shy to say that we love our country, are proud of our flag, and worship Jesus Christ.  (probably shouldn't be in that order, but that's how my thoughts came out).
I hope you have a wonderful day in this amazing country that allows us to say what is on our minds, in our hearts, and teach our children truth.


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