True Joy

There was a discussion a couple of weeks ago among my daughters about an Institute lesson.  My oldest was complaining that the Institute teacher was saying something about having joy, not fun.  My other daughter was pointing out that it's not joy in the way the world views it.

She wasn't happy with the idea that we're not here to 'have fun'.  We're here to learn, grow and have joy.  There's a big difference between having fun and feeling joy.  Fun is a fleeting thing.  Joy is something that resonates in your soul.

This past week we were privileged to participate in my brother and his wife going through the temple.  The past year has been such an amazing one, with him coming back into activity and her joining the church.  Having them go through the temple was like the pinnacle of the mountain -- what an amazing day!!

When we thought of how our parents were feeling in the spirit world, our emotions couldn't be held back.  In the Celestial room, we had a group hug and I reminded them that mom and dad were there, watching us and so very happy that their children were back where they wanted us to be.  I still tear up just remembering it.

And then they were sealed.

I had really not felt such joy before!  I mean, the day I married my wonderful hubby was pretty close, but I knew so much more how special this was!  This shot is when they came out of the temple and my daughter was blowing bubbles for them.  Inez was helping the bubbles to float up, and it was the cutest thing ever!!!

The emotions and feeling of that day are forever engraved on my heart.  To see my brother so very happy, and to know that he is now part of the eternal family circle, just makes me so very thankful for the many blessings our Heavenly Father has given us.  It's difficult to express!  And I claim to be a writer!  Sigh.

Such a romantic day, so many feelings and such JOY.  That was what I would have loved to have pointed out to my daughter.  There was fun stuff, but this day was all JOY.  We were content.  We were thrilled.  It was such a strong wonderful feeling, that I hope they never loose.  

Thank you Lord.  For my brothers, my wonderful sister-in-laws, and my amazing husband.  I have been so richly blessed.


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