DON'T WATCH IT!! Really...

Okay - I know I've been pretty lame about posting so far this year...with my daughter's wedding and stuff, it's been hard to divide my time.  Now it's NaNoWriMo and I'm writing, but we went out last Saturday after I got my words written and saw Hope Springs...UGH!!!

Please, unless you like sexual explicit talk and some embarrassing situations, you do not want to see it, and it is NOT appropriate for unmarried people, in my opinion.

I took my hubby thinking it was a fun date movie.  We both like Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep, so we thought it was going to be good.  While there were some cute scenes, and the ending was sweet, the majority of the time I spent with my hands clenched around my hubbies, wondering if we were going to get up and leave.  Steve Carroll actually played a straight man, and he did good, but of course he was the marriage counselor advising them on all these sexual fantasies and stuff.  Seriously. I  mean, he advised her to get a book called "Sex Tips for Straight Women From a Gay Guy."  Really??? It was NOT what we were expecting, and I thought I'd toss it out there if any of you were thinking about it.  Just don' won't like it.

There's a scene in a public theater where she's trying to perform oral sex with him.  Another scene where they are being intimate in a hotel room, but I'm really impressed that the clothes are still on - there's no tossing of the clothing and pumping the chest in this movie at least!   The only saving grace.

Anyway - just a word of caution.  It's not your normal here's how you save your marriage subjects and it's not comfortable.  Amazingly enough Elizabeth Shue was in it!  We saw her and just about fell out of our chairs.  Haven't seen her in something for a long time.


Anyway - have to get back to other things, hope you have a fantastic Monday!!  ;)


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