Okay - copy cats bug me...

Just had to get that off my chest.  I'm talking about movies, actually.  And, not really copy-cats, but people who try to cash in on something, just because they think it will make them big bucks.

Ever hear of the movie 5th Quarter?  Well, if you did, you were probably one of the few.  sigh.  I had heard of it and saw it for sale at Blockbusters going out of business sale, so I grabbed it.  We watched it the other night for FHE activity, and while the beginning was really good, it went downhill from there.  It was emotional, and you couldn't help but cry your eyes out, but the characters were lame after the initial shock.  And it had sooo much promise!!  It could have been great.

Part of it was the acting.  The oldest son was pretty much the focus, and he just wasn't believable.  Andie MacDowell was wonderful, as usual, and the dad...well, he was very emotional but it wore you out to the point you wanted to slap him in the middle.  The way he acted it seemed as if he was handicapped in some way, and it made me wonder if the real father was.  But anyway ---  lame.  I felt like they had made it to try and capitalize on the whole football tragedy thing.   And it ended kind of lame too.  So...hopefully if you were planning on watching it you won't toss it out the window.  Just know that it's not going to be Blindside.

Nuf said.  ;)

I'm done ranting for now.


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