Weren't we supposed to be empty nesters by now???

Okay -  I have to admit, I've looked forward to the time when it would just be my hubby and me in the house.  (well, okay, we knew we'd probably have Randy for the rest of our lives, but he doesn't make much noise and we don't have to do much for him...lol)  We have a couple of dogs we'd have to walk, cats to feed, a garden to take care of, a yard that's too big, and the house to maintain.  That's plenty, don't you think??

But the kids just won't go!!  First, our second twin moves out and then back and then out, has child, gets married and is now back. in. our. house.  With hubby and baby, thank heavens, and two dogs...  sigh.  But, really?  and two turtles and three two fish...

Second, oldest twin, moves out, gets kicked out of that apartment, then another one, and ends up moving home.  with dog.  Look like a pattern yet?

Oldest son joins the Army, leaves home for boot camp and training.  Comes home, never finds a job...moves out with friends.  Gets married, moves back home, we kick him and wife out...  don't see them for two years, and now he's back with the second twin, as he'd been living with them....at least he didn't bring any animals.

Youngest daughter has yet to leave home....at least she's going to school full time and working full time...;)  and doesn't own any pets outside the cats that roam the yard...

Second oldest son goes on mission and comes home and takes forever to find a job, I'm not sure if he's really going to be going to school in the fall, but he's still here....no animals either, lol.

Youngest two are just here.  The very youngest is going to be a senior!!  sigh.  So, there is a chance he'll be out of the house in a year or so.  Maybe he'll take a cat with him.

Anyway, what I'm saying is that in the past week we went from a household of 7 to a household of 11!!!  ARGH.  Okay...I'm calm.

We spent our holiday weekend cleaning out rooms to make space for everyone.  We have now shifted our workout area to the old workshop, which is going to be handy.  There was just a lot of stuff in there that we still need to take care of...lots of visits to the dump.  Hubby didn't get much rest, and he's trying to get a paper rewritten for school.  Nothing trivial...

So, hope you had a great 4th.  The day itself was pretty good, nice bbq and fireworks!!  My favorite thing about this week??  RAIN!!  we've had rain almost every day (or night...)  it's been wonderful.

Hope you had a great one!!


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