If Only It Were Real...

martin luther king photo: martin martin_luther_king.jpg

Apparently today marked the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr's famous speach, "I have a dream."  Well, we all have that same dream, in one way or another.  We would all like to see world peace, and not sound like a beauty contestant.
The problem is, his speech and his dream have become soooo different than what I think he meant for them to be.  He meant for all of us, whether colored, white, etc., would come to live in peaceful co-existence.  There would be no separate peoples, we would all be one race.
When you think about it, we ARE all one race.  The human race.  We are all children of a Heavenly Father who loves us and made us in His image.  If only everyone realized that and acted upon it.  The world would be a much different place.
I have often dreamed of a world without crime, hate, war and anger.  A world full of peace and happiness.
I realize that this dream is only possible with the return of our Savior.  We can come close - I mean, Enoch managed it with the city of Zion, and we are striving for that today, are we not?
But true peace, and amazing happiness will come with the return of Jesus.  I pray for it to come soon.
The world really - really needs Him.


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