It's Hot

I just thought I'd clear things up about the weather, you know?  In case you had any doubts, in case you lived in a nice northwestern location that is usually green year  Or perhaps south eastern..sigh.  But if you live in the rocky mountain area of the world, it's HOT.  It's summer, and I'm soooo ready for fall.

I also got hired on in a full time job yesterday!  I have mixed feelings about it.  They had a full time position where I work open up two years ago, but they 'forgot' I was part time and didn't even offer it to me.  It was okay, I wasn't really ready for a full time spot yet.  I'm not sure I am now - I still have a kid in school!  But it is his last year, and he can handle it if mom isn't there for the first 15 min after he gets home...I guess.  :(  And then my oldest son reminded me that when my youngest daughter was a senior, I was working at a part time job in Salt Lake that I got home after them.  I had totally forgotten that!!  It was one of the reasons I quit that job...

Oh goes on.

I'm also a little frustrated with my body and with life in general.  I've been unable to loose any more weight since my initial wonderful loss of almost 100 pounds three years ago.  I've also gained half of it back!!!  And I eat healthy!  Okay...I do have chocolate now and again, but my biggest struggle has been excersising.  I have so many things going on that I have a hard time getting it in.  I end up doing some time on the recumbent bike at

And I am not sleeping well.  I know part of it is stress - remember the post about all the people living in our house???  (which actually should start getting better, as they are officially moving out today!! I'm going to miss my little granddaughter...:(  )  And then keeping on top of two teenagers..and fixing meals for everyone when we don't want to cook - oh well.  I know many people have MUCH more stress than I do, it just seems to make me blow up like a water balloon.  I just don't know what to do.

I might have to go back on veggie shakes for a while.

Anyway - got to get stuff done.  I've been painting - trying to get something done for the fair, and I'm still not happy with what I've come up with.  Might need to try painting today....not like I've got nothing else to do, lol.

Random question - why is it that the wind blowing makes it look cooler outside???  lol


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