I Think I Should Apologize...

Apologize... In case any one read my post the other day - it was kind of a rant.  Sigh.  What can I say??  I guess I was feeling a little crazy - we just found out my dad has several aneurysms and we are in the middle of the wait-and-see time.  He had a CT scan today, and they are doing some prep on the 8th...and then I guess a few days after that he'll go in, and we're sitting here going "HELLO???  These puppies could rupture any time and you're taking your own sweet time about it!!!"

Okay.  I'm calm now.  But anyway - that's kind of where my mind was the other day - so hope no one thought I was too wigged out.

Cause of course you'll really think I am now, huh?


Hey - did anyone catch the season premire of the Agents of Shield?  Anyone care to guess what really happened to Agent Colson?  We think he was cloned....

Have a good one.


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