I Think I'm Turning Cynical

Or is it just aging?  I'm not sure.  I went to the doctors office with my daughter today and while waiting, observed there were 4 magazines in the rack for me to look at while waiting.  This was in the actual doctors examining room, not the waiting area - just to be clear.

One was GQ... which was totally full of men who were full of themselves...I mean wow.  I guess it's how men see women's magazines like O or Martha Stewart...hm.  Took me several minutes to find the article about Jeff Bridges, and after reading half the article I had to give up.  Too much language and it was getting into the kinky stuff that I really didn't want to know.  Found out that he's 10 years older than me and has actually been married to the same woman for 40 years, so that's something...

Another one was US...which is just a photo filled tabloid that passes as a magazine.  It has nothing but rumors and smut.  sigh.

one was Sunset Magazine, which is usually kind of interesting.  This issue was all about some really nice beach houses and wine country. A couple of recipes, but nothing I really wanted to try or copy.  Lovely.  Wish I had money.

The last one was the medical ones that the insurance companies put there that are supposed to have all sorts of encouraging things and suggestions.  This one had a little kid on the cover and was discussing raising healthy eaters.  Yeah.  Really felt like big brother telling me what to do...

So - either I spend too much time in doctors offices (which has actually been cut down quite a bit now that my youngest is 18 and hasn't done anything since breaking his arm this past spring, lol) or I'm becoming cynical.

Part of it is due, I think, to the latest bit about Obamacare.and all the hoopla over it.  I hate to say this - and it will label me, I'm sure - but it's what our government is headed toward.  I heard the statement made that our nation was headed toward a one payment plan type thing.  In other words, government healthcare.

Sigh.  Things are really going to the dogs. 

And my poor son.  Today was supposed to be the Bday party to end all bday parties.  We were going to do a glow in the dark nerf war.  I found all sorts of cool glow in the dark sticks and stuff and my hubby got strobe lights and I made a cake (well...it was kind of lame, but he liked it) that looked like nerf bullets, and you know what??? NO ONE CAME.  Not a soul. 

The same thing happened at his 16th bday party.  Go figure.  That one had been at Boondocks.  We ended up having fun anyway, but it was still sad.

Today, we managed to go ahead and play and it was a blast and we want to make this an annual thing.  But he was still depressed.  What do you say??  How do you get past this??

And then the RS Conference -- President Monson told the most wonderful story that said "Heavenly Father loves you!!  And always will.  That never changes."  wow.  Okay.  I just have to help my son see that.


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