As If Things Couldn't Get Worse...

Have you ever wondered how some people get into certain positions?  I mean like the government.  All these people that are playing games right now with people's livelihoods were ALL voted there.  Isn't that a sad fact? 

We were listening to a radio talk show the other day, and the caller was saying that she was going to have to participate in the new insurance care bit.  (I refuse to type his name, okay?)  the talk show host asked her if she'd voted.  She said she hadn't because she didn't think her vote would count.

Well...this is a shocker, but now you see why your vote would have counted.  If more people had gotten out and voted for the OTHER GUY, we might not be in this situation as a country. 

It's pretty pathetic, and I'm sure it's harming our image over seas.  So far it hasn't effected my family personally except for a vacation we were hoping to take in a couple of weeks. 

Fish Lake is a National Park.  So, you know what that means.  Sigh.

How can so many people make so many WRONG decisions and not be aware of it??  How can they be so clueless??  And they are still arguing...

Any bets as to how long this lasts??  Apparently the longest one was during Bill Clinton's term.  That doesn't make me feel any better...this is the second time during this president.  I was surprised to discover that it was shut down 8 times during Reagans term, and 6 times during Carter's.  UGH.  I remember the Carter years, but I think I was in baby fog with Reagan, lol.

Oh well...everyone pray for our leaders.  They REALLY need it.


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