My Dads

Yesterday was the day we take once a year to celebrate the men in our lives.  Mainly, our fathers.  Well...I've had several fathers.  My 'real' dad, so to speak, who I lost when I was 7, my first foster dad who tried his best, but didn't know what to do with a girl, lol, and my second foster dad who wasn't really there...that's why I haven't mentioned him before.  ;)  And then my second 'real' least in my book.

I have been very fortunate in having these men in my life.  They taught me about unconditional love, morality, honesty and integrity. 
My first 'real' dad was a Ranger back in the days when that was a new and big thing.  He was part of that regiment that is told about in Saving Private Ryan.  He was a radio operator and when they landed on the beach, he and another soldier ended up remaking bullets to fit the guns they had because they'd run out of ammo.  He got the silver star for it...and went on to serve in Italy and Africa.  He never told us about those times...

We found out that he was even in Italy from one of his old friends that I spoke with a couple of years ago.  His second wife made him toss all his souvenirs from WWII, which makes my brother fume to this day.  He was a carpenter.  He helped form a credit union for the carpenters.  I heard he actually helped build the Oakland Temple!  wow.  You're awesome, dad.

My last dad...he was amazing too.  He was in Korea.  He had to identify the bodies when they came about gruesome.  ugh.  But he never let on that it had been difficult.  He told a few stories, but not many.  He came home and went to law school and became an awesome lawyer.

When he and mom took me in, it was as if we'd been meant to be.  They were my kids grandparents.  Their children are my brothers and sisters, and my kids aunts and uncles.  There is no doubt, no questions... only confusion from outsiders, lol.  I remember one time when I was shopping with mom and she ran into someone who had known them before me.  She asked who I was, and Mom said her daughter.  They looked really confused, and then mom laughed.  "Well, our adopted daughter."  Though it was never official.  It never really needed to be until dad became an emeritus patriarch and couldn't give my kids blessings because he wasn't legally related to them.  sigh.
Oh well...a couple of them were able to receive them from him.
Anyway - one has been gone for almost 50 years, and one less than 8 months.  It doesn't really lessen with some degree.  And yet, it does.
Well...Love ya Dad.  Both of you.  And miss you sooo much....
Thanks for all you taught me.


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